Nvidia Shield’s 20th Upgrade is Packed with Features

Nvidia wants to be known as a company that listens to their Community. As a group, you’ve requested many enhancements for Nvidia Shield TV. They’ve listened, and many of your requests are being addressed in their 20th major software upgrade.


Nvidia has a history of providing exciting content through software upgrades. We’ve already benefited from enhancements like Google Assistant, Smart Home Control, GeForce Now, HDR Support, and more.

One of Nvidia Shield’s strengths is it’s ability to adapt to new technologies. Their software update program is one way that new features can be introduced to their platform. Today Nvidia celebrates their 20th major software upgrade by adding a slew of new features to Nvidia Shield TV.

Social Enhancements

Games are meant to be social, and communication is important. The Community has made it clear that they need voice chat in GeForce Now. It’s time to break out the headsets because you’ve been heard! Nvidia Shield’s latest software upgrade introduces voice chat support for GeForce Now.

All you need to do is connect a 3.5mm headset to your Shield Controller. From there you can utilize voice chat in games like Fortnite and PUBG.

Improved Keyboard & Mouse Support

Although Shield TV is most commonly used as a console in the living room, many of you prefer to use it as a computer replacement for Gaming. Before today, you were welcome to connect a Keyboard and Mouse to Shield TV for traditional PC Gaming. While this was possible, the experience wasn’t as good as it would be on a traditional Gaming PC. That all changes with Nvidia’s latest software upgrade.

Mouse movements will be smoother and more accurate. There is additional support for using Keyboard Shortcuts. You’ll also find a dedicated row on Nvidia Shield just for Keyboard and Mouse Games.

Introducing the Shield Companion App

Many of you have struggled to play Games on Shield TV that require a launcher (we’re looking at you Fortnite). Nvidia is fixing this with a brand new Shield Companion App. Their new smartphone App includes a virtual Keyboard and Mouse to make navigation easier. Their goal is to create a more seamless experience for entering information into Shield TV. The app will be available for both Android and iOS.

Additional Features

The features that we’ve highlighted are exciting, and there is even more:

  • More launch-day releases (including Monster Hunter World and F1 2018)
  • The return of Shield TV’s Share features (the ability to record your screen, take screenshots, and stream to Twitch)
  • Additional 120Hz modes for Supported TVs and Monitors
  • Quick Settings for power off, restart, and sleep
Share Menu

Release Date

The latest Nvidia Shield software upgrade will be available on September 10th 2018. Your Shield TV should notify you when the upgrade is available.

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