LiquidSky is ending their Beta

LiquidSky is ending an extended beta test of their Cloud Gaming service. Users with recent payments or active subscriptions will receive a refund for their last payment. Continue reading to find out what to expect from LiquidSky’s upcoming changes.

Something New is Coming

LiquidSky recently emailed existing subscribers to inform them that their beta test is coming to an end. According to their message, ending the beta test is paving the way for something new.

“We are working on something big and, I can promise you this, it’s going to change the way you game. While we work on this, we are going to be sunsetting our existing beta.”-LiquidSky CEO Ian McLoughlin

What happens now?

LiquidSky is a beta product, and a beta is typically a test. In LiquidSky’s case they have been testing their servers and their streaming technology. The current iteration of their beta will end on 12/17/2018 at 12:00 PM EST. 

If you’re a current subscriber, you’re probably concerned about what will happen to your recent payments. LiquidSky promises that any recent payments will be refunded after December 17th. If you feel that you should have been refunded and didn’t receive anything, be sure to contact LiquidSky Support before 12/31/2018.

What about the Future?

Sometimes when a Cloud Gaming service closes things down, it really means that they are ending their product. In this case, LiquidSky appears to be prepping for something new. They have talked extensively about plans to upgrade their server hardware and streaming technology. At this time they haven’t provided additional detail about what comes after beta, but it appears that there is a plan in place. 

Keep an eye on Flickstiq. We will keep you up to date with these developments as they continue to emerge.

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