Shadow releases new Launcher and Features

Shadow has been busy behind the scenes lately. Today they are releasing a new Launcher as well as a few new features. This update is so big that Shadow has nicknamed it Galahad. Continue reading to learn about everything that has changed.

New Launcher

Shadow’s biggest enhancement is a brand new Launcher for PC and Mac. Their new Launcher offers a simplified view that makes it easy to jump right into Gaming. They’ve also increased the top level bandwidth limit from 50 Mbps to 70 Mbps.

New Launcher

While the Launcher is initially simple, Shadow includes quite a few additional options in their Advanced Settings. Most of these options were here before, but you’ll notice that there is a new selection for Auto Bandwidth. If you enable this setting, Shadow will do it’s best to made adjustments to the stream as your network conditions fluctuate.

Auto Bandwidth

On the positive side, Auto Bandwidth has the potential to ensure a smoother streaming session. Be aware that if your network fluctuates a great deal, then you may notice occasional compression or artifacting while you play.

Copy & Paste

Shadow does such a good job of making it feel that you’re on a high-end Gaming system that it’s easy to forget that you’re really dealing with two computers. Because you’re dealing with two systems, you may occasionally run into little reminders. Such as the inability to copy and paste between your two desktops.

Well that was the past, because today Shadow is enabling Copy & Paste between your home computer and your Cloud Server. We find that this option is especially handy when it comes to transferring long website addresses from our home PC to Chrome on the Shadow server.

Improved Streaming Performance

Shadow’s always been pretty good when it comes to how streaming feels. In most cases it’s hard to tell that you’re streaming at all. However Shadow is always interested in improving even more. They found that it makes a big difference to separate the acquisition step from the encoding step in the streaming process. Altogether the stream should feel more fluid with better image quality (especially at lower bandwidths).

Additional Improvements

While the points that we’ve covered are already enough to justify a very solid update, Shadow has tweaked a few more notable items:

  • Better Microphone management
  • Better Input & Sound management
  • New shortcut for Windows Task Manager
  • The ability to connect more than 16 accessories
  • Fixed invisible cursor bug in some games

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