Stream ANY game console to a computer

You might be aware that some video game consoles allow you to stream from the console to a computer. But what about the rest of the consoles out there? Can you really stream a Nintendo Switch to a PC? How about an Original Xbox? Let’s find out!

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How is GeForce Now in 2019?

GeForce Now launched in beta for PC and Mac back in 2018. Nvidia steadily improved the service and added support for more games. Now that they’ve had almost a year to figure things out, how is GeForce Now today?

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Shadow is releasing for iOS in the App Store

Shadow is preparing to release Shadow for iOS in the App Store. Their iOS App was previously only available to select testers. It’s about to become available to all Shadow subscribers, so is it any good?

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Is Paperspace a good option for Cloud Gaming in 2019?

Paperspace has had a presence in the Cloud Gaming market for a while now. They were one of the first companies to see the potential in both Cloud Gaming and Enterprise applications. Now that there are more Cloud Gaming services available, is Paperspace still a good choice in 2019?

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HTC Unveils Two new Vive Headsets

HTC is ready to take VR to the next level. At Monday’s CES 2019 press conference they unveiled two upcoming VR headsets. One of them is targeted at Pro users, and the other can be completely PC-free. Will this be enough to establish HTC as the dominant force in the VR market moving forward?

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Nvidia Announces Partnership with HTC at CES 2019

2019’s Consumer Electronics Show is upon us, and Nvidia kicked things off with announcements about gaming technologies. They covered a wide range of topics in their Keynote, including a new partnership with HTC. Together, HTC and Nvidia plan to push VR forward using Turing architecture.

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Top 5 Cloud Gaming related things coming in 2019

Now that the New Year’s festivities are over, it’s natural to wonder what comes next. This is especially true in the world of Cloud Gaming where many things are unknown. So let’s dig in and discuss the top 5 things that are coming for Cloud Gamers in 2019.

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