Read Flickstiq in your Favorite News App

If you’re here, then you’re probably familiar with reading content from our website. And while our website is great, some of you may prefer a more customized experience. Today we’re announcing that you can read the content from Flickstiq through your favorite News App.

A Better Mobile Reading Experience

You may already be a fan of reading content through a mobile App on your smartphone. There are great options available like Flipboard, Google News, and Apple News. We’re happy to announce that you can now read Flickstiq through all of these Apps!

You can read from Google News and Flipboard through either their Mobile Apps or their websites. Apple News is available on Macs and iOS devices through the News App. Use the links below to access the Flickstiq Channel through your favorite App (and don’t forget to follow us in the App so that you get updates when new content becomes available).

Apple News (must open from Apple Device)
Google News
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