You may soon be able to play Xbox Games on Nintendo Switch

This may sound like some sort of fantasy story, but in real life there is a chance that you’ll be able to stream Xbox Games to your Nintendo Switch. That’s right, signs point to a partnership between Nintendo and Microsoft that could result in Xbox content being released on the competing Nintendo Switch platform.

The Scoop

Yesterday Direct-Feed Games posted on their YouTube Channel that their sources have confirmed that Microsoft and Nintendo are planning a collaboration. The video goes on to say that Microsoft is very interested in expanding their Xbox Game Pass service to include as many devices as possible. Apparently this includes the competing Nintendo Switch Platform.

According to Direct-Feed Games, this partnership will likely begin with Microsoft releasing Ori and the Blind Forest on the Switch through a new Xbox App. It would be the first time that Microsoft releases one of their first-party exclusive titles on another console platform.

Additionally Direct-Feed shared that Microsoft plans to expand on this partnership with their upcoming Cloud Gaming service, Project xCloud. Project xCloud opens up the possibility of playing a much larger portion of Microsoft’s library on the Nintendo Switch. It could include popular exclusive content like the Forza and Halo series.

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It is True?

When you consider the source (Direct-Feed Games), they do have a history of making accurate predictions about the Nintendo Switch. However they aren’t a huge well-known channel. So is does this rumor hold any weight?

Shortly after Direct-Feed released their video, Game Informer wrote their own article, essentially confirming what Direct-Feed had shared. They went on to say that they had confirmed through their own sources that Microsoft’s Game Pass could come to the Switch at some point.

“In talking with our own sources, it has been suggested that the announcement of Game Pass on Switch could come as soon as this year.”

Game Informer

So this whole story suddenly looks a lot more plausible and interesting. We’re now hearing from multiple sources that a partnership between Microsoft and Nintendo is in the works. As tantalizing as this is, it’s important to point out that neither Microsoft or Nintendo has formally announced this partnership or confirmed plans to bring Xbox content to the Switch. This story is definitely rumor until that announcement is made. However it is an interesting story, and signs point to it being real.

What do you think? Would you be interested in playing Xbox content through your Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comments!

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