Shadow’s Support Bot gets Hijacked by Hacker

Shadow recently announced that their Support Bot on Discord was hijacked and used maliciously against their server. The hacker used the Bot to ban random users and also change roles in some cases. All users have been directed to ignore any communication from the Bot for now.

Server Compromised

Late in the evening on March 8th, Shadow announced through Discord that their support Bot had been compromised.

“It appears this evening someone decided to take our support bot and use it maliciously against the server. Its unfortunate that something designed to be beneficial to the community had to be taken advantage of and used for this purpose.”

Shadow Discord

According to Shadow’s Staff, a large number of users were banned from the server by the hijacked Bot. In some cases users had their role changed on the server. Currently Shadow is working hard to restore access to those that were incorrectly banned.

“We’re currently trying to figure out to reinstate those accounts with the least impact possible… If for some reason you have lost a role because of tonight’s incident, please DM a moderator or Guru letting us know and will get it reinstated.”

Shadow Discord

This was an unfortunate incident, and at Flickstiq we are sending best wishes to Shadow’s Staff as they work through sorting it out. If you’ve been affected by this hack, make sure that you contact Shadow’s Staff. You can reach them through their website if you’re unable to get back into the server.

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