Read Flickstiq in your Favorite News App

If you’re here, then you’re probably familiar with reading content from our website. And while our website is great, some of you may prefer a more customized experience. Today we’re announcing that you can read the content from Flickstiq through your favorite News App.

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Black Friday comes Early for Nvidia Shield

Black Friday is a fun time of the year to be a Gamer. Nvidia knows that it’s annoying to wait, so they’re launching their Black Friday Sale early. Beginning today, you can save $40 on Nvidia Shield TV.

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Top 3 Halloween Deals for Cloud Gamers

Does Halloween put you in a festive mood? Apparently it does the same thing for Gaming companies. Many are offering huge discounts and deals on Cloud Gaming Services and Games. We’ve decided to do some of the work for you, and we’ve compiled a list of the top 3 best Halloween Deals for Cloud Gamers.

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Hey everyone, Zach here!

Hey everyone, I’m Zach Brownfield and I’m happy to join Flickstiq as a contributor! I’ve been producing content on cloud gaming for well over a year now and have tested several platforms in that time including Parsec, LiquidSky, Shadow and GeForce Now! Josh recently asked me to join the Flickstiq team and I thought this would be a great chance the expand my coverge of cloud gaming.

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New Video Series! Cloud Gaming on-the-go

Summer is almost here, and it’s time to start a new Video Series. Have you ever wondered exactly where you can take advantage of Cloud Gaming? Does it work in the Woods, or at the Beach, or in a Haunted House? Let’s find out! Continue reading “New Video Series! Cloud Gaming on-the-go”

Flickstiq is now Available on your Kindle

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