Simplay Adds Support for Parsec

Simplay is an up-and-coming Cloud Gaming Service available in Europe. They offer Unlimited Cloud Gaming at 1080p 60 fps for only $19.99  $26.99 per month. Their fans have found that Simplay works best when paired with Parsec. With that said, using Parsec on Simplay isn’t an easy experience. That all changes today. Continue reading “Simplay Adds Support for Parsec”

How to Enable In-Game Voice Chat on a Cloud Server

At Flickstiq, we are fans of Cloud Gaming. We like that Cloud Gaming frees you from financial side of Video Game Hardware. The freedom that Cloud Gaming provides can be very liberating, but not everything is perfect. Most Cloud Gaming Services don’t allow you to use your Microphone at home to chat with your friends in-game. Let’s fix that. Continue reading “How to Enable In-Game Voice Chat on a Cloud Server”

Parsec Further enhances Security with Approved Apps

Parsec is a name that should be familiar to all Gamers. Their Game Streaming App offers ultra-low latency Game Streaming both at home and in the Cloud. Just when you think that their product is largely finished, they find new ways to make it better. This week’s focus is Security. Continue reading “Parsec Further enhances Security with Approved Apps”

Shadow Prepares to open up it’s iOS Beta

Shadow made a big splash with their California Launch last week. They have been vocal about their goal to become a premiere destination for Cloud Gamers. While they are very excited to have expanded beyond Europe, Shadow isn’t sitting still. They recently revealed details about their plans to move beyond computers.  Continue reading “Shadow Prepares to open up it’s iOS Beta”

Can you Enjoy Cloud Gaming with Slow Internet?

We were recently asked in our YouTube Channel if it is possible to have a good Cloud Gaming experience with slow internet. Our first impulse was to say no. It seems obvious. Cloud Gaming is a completely internet-dependent technology. We then realized that we would be saying this based on an assumption rather than from experience. Time to experiment. Continue reading “Can you Enjoy Cloud Gaming with Slow Internet?”

Cloud Gaming Sign Up Bonuses

Cloud Gaming is awesome, but it can also be expensive. At Flickstiq, we are often asked whether there are any free or discounted Cloud Services out there. While there aren’t any free Cloud Providers, you can definitely get a discount when you sign up for a new account. Continue reading “Cloud Gaming Sign Up Bonuses”

Rainway adds support for Cloud Services

It feels like we’ve had a lot of news from Rainway lately. The features just keep on coming, and today’s news is very exciting! Rainway now supports additional operating systems on PC. This creates an opportunity to use Rainway with Cloud Services. Continue reading “Rainway adds support for Cloud Services”

Our Top 5 Game Streaming Accessories

Gaming Accessories are important. They are your way of reaching out and touching the worlds that you love. Poor quality Accessories can slow down your reaction time and can be painful to use. We’ve selected 5 Accessories that are good choices for both Local and Cloud Streaming. Continue reading “Our Top 5 Game Streaming Accessories”

Nvidia Dominates Game Streaming Market

Parsec has been collecting diagnostic information about the hardware used with their service. They recently released this information through their blog. It turns out that Game Streamers overwhelmingly prefer Nvidia hardware for their streaming systems.  Continue reading “Nvidia Dominates Game Streaming Market”

The Name of the Best Cloud Gaming Service might Surprise you!

At Flickstiq, we’re often asked Which Cloud Gaming service is the best? This is an important question because there currently aren’t any free Cloud Gaming services. You’re going to have to invest money in the company that you choose. So which Cloud Gaming service really is the best? Continue reading “The Name of the Best Cloud Gaming Service might Surprise you!”