Parsec now works in Google Chrome

Parsec is know for the performance of their Game Streaming App. They have a reputation for achieving extremely low latency. Normally this kind of performance requires using Parsec’s own App. That all changes today with the release of Parsec for Chrome. Now Gamers can enjoy Parsec without installing the Parsec App.

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First Impressions of Google’s Project Stream

Google believes that the future of Cloud Gaming is in the browser. A Chrome browser to be precise. They’ve invited a select number of people to try their upcoming Project Stream Cloud Gaming service. We spent the weekend testing Project Stream, and our first impressions might surprise you.

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Xbox Gaming becomes Multiplatform with xCloud

During E3 2018, Microsoft teased an upcoming multiplatform Cloud Gaming service. This week they officially announced Project xCloud. It leverages the power of Azure and promises to bring Xbox Gaming to many devices.

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Google Launches a beta of it’s upcoming “Project Stream” Cloud Gaming Service

We’ve known for a while that Google is interested in Cloud Gaming. Tomorrow they are making it official with a beta test of their upcoming Project Stream service. A small selection of testers will be able to play the soon-to-be-released Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

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Can you Hack a Cloud Gaming Service?

At Flickstiq, we are often asked if there is a way to enjoy Cloud Gaming for free. Some people are even willing to use a hack to make it happen. So is it possible to use a paid Cloud Gaming Service without a Subscription?

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Cloud Gaming exists on Nintendo Switch right now

The Gaming Industry is trending towards Cloud Gaming. Microsoft and EA have both committed to supporting it very soon. While it’s fun to think about the future, it’s important to point out that Cloud Gaming exists on Nintendo Switch right now.

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Snoost’s website goes offline

Many of you have been eagerly waiting for the return of Snoost. Their $9 unlimited Cloud Gaming plan was very popular in our Community. In March of 2018, Snoost abruptly shut down their service. They claimed that it was to allow for further development and that it would return. Today, it is looking like they may not come back.

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Nvidia Shield’s 20th Upgrade is Packed with Features

Nvidia wants to be known as a company that listens to their Community. As a group, you’ve requested many enhancements for Nvidia Shield TV. They’ve listened, and many of your requests are being addressed in their 20th major software upgrade.

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A New Rainway is Coming Soon

It’s been seven months since Rainway launched their beta. In that time they’ve improved and innovated. Today they are comfortable with their core technology, and it’s time for a makeover. An all new Rainway is coming soon.

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Playkey offers an alternative to Crypto Mining

The initial cryptocurrency craze is winding down. It’s no longer cost effective for consumers to mine crypto with their own hardware. Playkey is offering an alternative. They want to give Gamers the opportunity to earn an average of $10 per day by renting their Gaming PC’s to other users.

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