New Video Series! Cloud Gaming on-the-go

Summer is almost here, and it’s time to start a new Video Series. Have you ever wondered exactly where you can take advantage of Cloud Gaming? Does it work in the Woods, or at the Beach, or in a Haunted House? Let’s find out! Continue reading “New Video Series! Cloud Gaming on-the-go”

Shadow prepares to release New Apps

Shadow cares deeply about user-feedback. They’ve been paying attention to what their users are saying, and it all comes together in their latest update. This week, Shadow users can look forward to new Apps on all platforms. Continue reading “Shadow prepares to release New Apps”

How to Measure Input Latency for Cloud Gaming

Cloud Gaming has the potential to be the next big thing. However, many hold back from trying it because of Latency concerns. They worry that Cloud Gaming will add too much Input Latency to their experience. So how much Input Latency does Cloud Gaming really add to a Gaming Session? Continue reading “How to Measure Input Latency for Cloud Gaming”

GeForce Now adds Network Enhancements

GeForce Now is becoming a go-to service for many Cloud Gamers. They offer a plug & play experience that is rare in this industry. Even though their service is already very good, they are continuing to look for opportunities to make it even better. Today they released an update that is all about Network Enhancements. Continue reading “GeForce Now adds Network Enhancements”

5 Cloud Gaming Services that you can Start for Free

Cloud Gaming is a new and exciting way to enjoy Video Games. It often can be more affordable than building your own Gaming PC. With that said, sometimes it’s nice to get your feet wet for free. Maybe your budget is tight, or maybe you just aren’t sure about the whole Cloud Gaming thing yet. We’ve got you covered! The following services will let you get started without spending a penny up front! Continue reading “5 Cloud Gaming Services that you can Start for Free”

Playing Fortnite on a Low-End PC

Battle Royale has taken the Gaming world by storm. It started with H1Z1, expanded with PUBG, and now we have Fortnite. You’ve seen it all over the news, and you’re probably wanting to try it for yourself. But what if your computer isn’t powerful enough to play it? We have good news, it is! Continue reading “Playing Fortnite on a Low-End PC”

Using the Asus Nexus 7 for Cloud Gaming (Review)

Some might say that Cloud Gaming shines best when it’s mobile. Gaming is great in general, but it’s even better when you get to decide where to play. Android is a great mobile platform, and the Asus Nexus 7 might be the budget-friendly device that you’ve been looking for. Continue reading “Using the Asus Nexus 7 for Cloud Gaming (Review)”

Humble Bundle Monthly – April 2018 – Mafia III

Do you want great Games that you can play on your Cloud Server? Is your budget smaller than your goal? Humble Bundle Monthly is the answer to your problem! Continue reading to learn more about their April 2018 Bundle. Continue reading “Humble Bundle Monthly – April 2018 – Mafia III”

Microsoft Azure Cloud Gaming Tutorial 2018

We are lucky to be among a special group of Gamers that get to experience the emergence of Cloud Gaming. Not only do we get to play games in the Cloud, but we have a lot of Cloud Services to choose from. Today we focus on Cloud Gaming through Microsoft’s Azure service. Continue reading “Microsoft Azure Cloud Gaming Tutorial 2018”

Snoost closes their Alpha for further development

At Flickstiq, we’ve had a lot of good things to say about Cloud Gaming provider, Snoost. We like the power of their hardware, and we love their inexpensive unlimited pricing. So it’s with mixed feelings that we share the news that they have taken down their service.  Continue reading “Snoost closes their Alpha for further development”