Should Diablo Immortal be getting this much Hate?

Gamers are up in arms over the announcement of Blizzard’s upcoming mobile MMO Diablo Immortal. There are a lot of issues at play here, and we are going to deep dive into a few of them. Are Gamers really right to be so upset about this Game?

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Watch out Nintendo… Here comes Oculus Quest

The word is out. Oculus CTO John Carmack views their upcoming Oculus Quest headset as a direct competitor to the Nintendo Switch. This claim may seem wild at first glance, but what if he’s right?

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Can you Hack a Cloud Gaming Service?

At Flickstiq, we are often asked if there is a way to enjoy Cloud Gaming for free. Some people are even willing to use a hack to make it happen. So is it possible to use a paid Cloud Gaming Service without a Subscription?

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Is Cloud Gaming good enough for First Person Shooters?

The First Person Shooter genre is one of the most popular in Gaming. It can also be one of the most competitive and demanding. So is it reasonable to play FPS Games through a Cloud Server?

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Is a $30 Subscription the new “Norm” for Cloud Gaming?

We recently wrote about how much you should pay for Cloud Gaming. While the points that we made in that article still hold true, the industry seems to be settling on a new standard. Is $30 now the accepted price for a Cloud Gaming subscription?

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Using Android for Cloud Gaming in 2018

One of the best things about Cloud Gaming is flexibility. You can play on almost any device that you want. In today’s world, many of those devices will be powered by Android. So is Cloud Gaming on Android any good?

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Why isn’t Cloud Gaming Free?

As a Gamer, you may be wondering why Cloud Gaming Providers choose to charge you for their services. Why isn’t it free? This is a fair question to ask, because one side of Cloud Gaming is affordability. Cloud Gaming is supposed to save you money compared to owning a Gaming PC. So why do you have to pay for Cloud Gaming?

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Top 5 Unlimited Cloud Gaming Providers

Many Cloud Gaming companies choose to bill users by the hour. If you’re a heavy Gamer, then this may not work for you. You may need something with unlimited usage in order to keep your costs reasonable. In this article, we will break down the top 5 Cloud Gaming Providers that offer unlimited service for a flat monthly fee.

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Is LiquidSky Listening to their Community?

Recently we reported that LiquidSky is introducing a new pricing structure. Their new plans increase pricing across the board and remove features like SkyCredit Rollover. The LiquidSky Community has been quick to express their dissatisfaction with these changes.

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