Setup your VPN Network

A VPN creates a virtual local network between your VR Headset and your Cloud Gaming server. This is important because the ALVR software that handles your VR Streaming only natively supports local streaming. So we are essentially making the ALVR software think that your Cloud Server is part of your local network.

To do all of this, we will be using a free VPN called ZeroTier. In this Guide, we will setup our ZeroTier network (think of it as creating a virtual router). We will also be adding ZeroTier to our Paperspace Cloud Server and connecting it to our VPN.

  • Visit ZeroTier and create a free account.
  • Click on Network at the top of the page and choose to Create a new Network (the Network will have a random name, don’t worry we will change it). Click on your network so that you can edit it.
  • You will need to adjust a few values on this screen to customize your VPN for Cloud Gaming.

  • Make a note of your Nework ID. We will need it later in order to join our Cloud Gaming Server and VPN Router to our network.
  • You are welcome to customize your Network Name (this can be whatever you want).
  • For Managed Routes, remove the default IP Address and add the following instead:    (LAN)
  • Below in the IPv4 Auto-Assign section, click Advanced and enter the following IP Address Range: -
  • In the IPv6 Auto-Assign section, uncheck the box for ZeroTier 6PLANE (/80 routable for each device).
  • Boot up your Paperspace Cloud server and log into your Cloud Desktop. Download the ZeroTier Windows Client and install it on your Cloud Server. It should automatically open after you install it.
  • You’ll be prompted to log in with an existing account or create an account. Choose to Log in with your ZeroTier Account that we created earlier.
  • The ZeroTier App will automatically list your network and ask if you’d like to join it. Choose to join your network.
  • Go back to the ZeroTier Network page and scroll all the way to the bottom. It will list any devices that are waiting to join your network. Your Paperspace Server will show up as a device waiting to be approved. You’ll find a + button under the Managed IPs field. Add the following IP Address and then click the + button to assign it to your Cloud Server:
  • Put a check in the checkbox under Auth? to approve Paperspace to join the network. Within a few seconds it should show that it’s Online.

  • That’s it for the basic setup of your VPN Network! You will come back to the ZeroTier page during the VPN Router tutorial to approve it for your Network as well. Complete all other tutorials found on our VR Cloud Gaming guide.