About Us

We help Gamers have more fun. Gaming is supposed to be a fun activity. It challenges your mind and your reflexes. For many of us, it’s our favorite way to unwind. Flickstiq does the research so that you can spend more time gaming and less time troubleshooting.

Flickstiq brings you the information that you need as a Gamer. At Flickstiq, our focus is Game Streaming and Cloud Gaming. We believe that freeing yourself from the Computer or Console is one of the most fun ways to play games. It all comes down to choice. Streaming allows you to choose how to play and where to play. We will teach you how to have the best streaming experience.

We are connected to everyone important in the Game Streaming Industry. Flickstiq is tied into to all of the major companies in the Game Streaming Industry. We communicate with them regularly so that you get the latest news as it happens.

Flickstiq Introduces you to the best Equipment & Accessories. Your devices are a portal into your games. You can’t expect to have a great Game Streaming experience without the right tools. Flickstiq tests equipment so that you don’t have to.