Putting it all Together

You should have completed all of the preceding tutorials before following this guide.

In this tutorial, we put all of the pieces together and start enjoying some VR Cloud Gaming on our Oculus Go.

  • Make sure that your Paperspace Cloud Server is booted up and running.
  • Connect a controller and (optional) headphones to your PC at home. Install the Parsec App on your home PC and log into it with the same account that’s being used on your Paperspace Server. Connect to your Paperspace Server through Parsec on your Home PC. This will give you game audio and gamepad support.
  • On your Paperspace Cloud Server install any VR title that you plan on playing (Steam is a good resource for VR Games).
  • Open up the ALVR folder on your Cloud Desktop and launch the ALVR Server App. Click the button to start the server. It will start looking for your Oculus Go headset.
  • Go into Settings > Wifi on your Oculus Go and make sure that it’s connected to the Wifi network from your VPN Router.
  • On your Oculus Go navigate to Navigation > Library > Unknown Sources and look for the ALVR App. Click on it to launch it. The ALVR App on your Oculus Go will prompt you to click Connect in the ALVR Server App.
  • The ALVR Server App should automatically find your Oculus Go headset. Click Connect next to it. This should change the view inside of your headset (it will look like a gray grid).
  • On the Paperspace Cloud Desktop, you will be prompted to complete Steam VR Room Setup. Follow the prompts to complete this setup (at one point it will ask you to type in the height of your headset from the floor. I chose 65 inches for this step).
  • After your Steam VR Room Setup is complete, launch your preferred game in VR Mode (usually by right clicking it in Steam and choosing to launch in VR).
  • Enjoy VR Cloud Gaming!

NOTE* Many VR Games on Steam require VR Controllers. These games are not currently supported by ALVR due to a lack of fully-featured VR controllers for the Oculus Go. This may be solved in the future through a product like Nolo VR. For now you’ll need to play VR games that fully support using a standard gamepad (examples are Subnautica, Elite Dangerous, and Euro Truck Driver).