Setup your Oculus Go for Cloud Gaming

In this guide you will learn how to setup your Oculus Go to take Advantage of Cloud Gaming through an App called ALVR. ALVR is not available in the Oculus Store. You will need to sideload it in order to use it. This guide will show you how to setup your Oculus Go and install ALVR on it.

UPDATE: The Developer of ALVR has now released it in the Oculus App Store. You no longer need to complete the original steps in order to install it on your headset. With that said, we will leave the original instructions in place for those that need/want to install it manually. Here are the new instructions for grabbing ALVR from the Oculus App Store:

Visit the Oculus Web Store and go to the Redeem Code section.
Visit the ALVR Code Page and generate your Code for ALVR. Redeem it on the Oculus Web Store Page. After redeeming, it should pop up on your Oculus Go Headset!

Original Instructions:

  • Complete the initial setup of your Oculus Go with your Smartphone (the Oculus App will guide you through this process).
  • Open the Oculus Developer Website on your computer. Choose to create a new Organization (it can be named anything that you want)
  • Agree to their NDA to finish your Developer Setup.
  • On your smartphone open the Oculus App and tap on Settings at the bottom. On the next screen tap on the name of your Headset and choose More Settings:

Choose Developer Mode.

Switch on Developer Mode:

  • Install ADB (right click link and save as) on your Computer. This will create an ADB folder on your C Drive.
  • Install Oculus Drivers on your computer.
  • Open up a CMD Prompt on your computer (you can perform a search for CMD)

  • Put on your Oculus Go Headset and then connect it to your computer with a Micro USB Cable.
  • In the CMD Prompt type
adb devices
  • In the Headset it will ask you for permission to connect to the computer. Grant it permission.
  • It should show you that your Oculus Headset is connecting and available. If it shows that it’s connected but unauthorized, it means that you didn’t grant it permission in the headset after you connected it to the computer.
  • In your CMD Prompt, enter your ADB folder. If your ADB folder is in the root of your C Drive, you would type the following:
cd \adb
  • Download the ALVR Client from Github. Move it into your ADB folder and rename it alvr.apk
  • Install it to your headset with the following command:
adb install alvr.apk
  • Your ALVR App is now installed on your VR Headset. You’ll find it on the Headset under Navigation > Library > Unknown Sources. Do not launch it until all of the other steps from our VR Cloud Gaming guide are complete.