Setup your Paperspace Cloud Server

Paperspace is used to create the Cloud Gaming Server that will stream Games at Ultra Quality to your VR Headset. Let’s setup a Paperspace Server.

NOTE* Paperspace is a paid service. You will be required to provide a credit card during your account creation. The recommended P5000 Server costs 0.60 cents per hour to use.

  • Visit Paperspace and Create an Account.
  • Download the Paperspace App on your PC and log into it with your new Account.
  • Choose to create a New Machine in the Paperspace App. It will ask you to choose a Server Location. Choose a Location that is physically close to you.
  • Under the Choose OS section, click on Public Templates, and then choose Parsec.
  • Under Choose Machine, select the P5000 machine. You will receive a popup about it not being enabled on your Account. It will ask you to submit a request to have this machine unlocked. Submit your request (this can take a day or two in some cases). After your request is granted, you will have a P5000 machine listed under your Machines in the sidebar of the Paperspace App. Click on it and start your Cloud Desktop.
  • Paperspace typically installs Windows Updates and Drivers for you. However, if you are prompted to install any Windows Updates, go ahead and install them.
  • Open up Parsec and choose to Create an Account. Log into the Parsec App on your Cloud Server with your new Account (it’s completely free). You’re welcome to minimize Parsec, but don’t completely quit out of it.
  • Download the latest version of the ALVR Server (not the Client) from Github. Double Click the ALVR file that you downloaded and choose to Extract it to your Desktop. This will create an ALVR folder on your Desktop.
  • Open Steam and go to Tools under the Library Menu. Scroll down to SteamVR (beta) and right click it. Choose to install it.

  • At this point, make sure that your Cloud Server booted up and running before you try to connect to it for Gaming. Also be sure to shut down the Cloud Server from the Paperspace App when finished (to stop your hourly billing).

    NOTE* You will also need to install VPN Software on your Cloud Server. This is covered in the VPN Section of our VR Cloud Gaming Guide.