Google and Microsoft are bringing Cloud Gaming to the Masses

You might have read in the news that Google and Microsoft are both preparing to launch Cloud Gaming services. The details of each proposition are interesting and worth reading, but the real story here is that Cloud Gaming is going Mainstream. And it’s coming this year.

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Vortex Partners with IBM Cloud

Vortex is popular for their rock bottom pricing, but they are also known for their glitchy streaming performance (especially on Windows). With this in mind, Vortex is expanding both their development team and their network. Today they are announcing a formal partnership with IBM Cloud. Will this partnership be enough to make them a go-to option for Cloud Gamers?

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Shadow’s Support Bot gets Hijacked by Hacker

Shadow recently announced that their Support Bot on Discord was hijacked and used maliciously against their server. The hacker used the Bot to ban random users and also change roles in some cases. All users have been directed to ignore any communication from the Bot for now.

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Parsec Adds Vibration Support for Controllers

Parsec recently updated the core of their Streaming App with new features and fixes. The most notable addition is support for Controller Vibration while streaming. While this may seem like a little thing, try playing without it (you’ll notice). Continue reading to learn about their other fixes and enhancements.

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Is Bandwidth Allocation Affecting your Gaming Experience?

Are you one of those people that setup your Cloud Gaming system perfectly, but you still notice lag or blurriness while streaming? You might be suffering from Bandwidth Allocation. So what is it, and can you do anything about it?

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Rainway 1.0 Early 2019 Review

Rainway started as a beta back in January of 2018. Things were rough in the beginning and then slowly began to improve throughout the year. As of January of 2019, Rainway has ended their beta and launched their 1.0 version for computers. Were they ready to launch? Let’s take a look and find out!

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How is GeForce Now in 2019?

GeForce Now launched in beta for PC and Mac back in 2018. Nvidia steadily improved the service and added support for more games. Now that they’ve had almost a year to figure things out, how is GeForce Now today?

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Shadow is releasing for iOS in the App Store

Shadow is preparing to release Shadow for iOS in the App Store. Their iOS App was previously only available to select testers. It’s about to become available to all Shadow subscribers, so is it any good?

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Is Paperspace a good option for Cloud Gaming in 2019?

Paperspace has had a presence in the Cloud Gaming market for a while now. They were one of the first companies to see the potential in both Cloud Gaming and Enterprise applications. Now that there are more Cloud Gaming services available, is Paperspace still a good choice in 2019?

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