Top 5 Cloud Gaming related things coming in 2019

Now that the New Year’s festivities are over, it’s natural to wonder what comes next. This is especially true in the world of Cloud Gaming where many things are unknown. So let’s dig in and discuss the top 5 things that are coming for Cloud Gamers in 2019.

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LiquidSky is ending their Beta

LiquidSky is ending an extended beta test of their Cloud Gaming service. Users with recent payments or active subscriptions will receive a refund for their last payment. Continue reading to find out what to expect from LiquidSky’s upcoming changes.

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LiquidSky Mid-2018 Review

When we first tested LiquidSky at the beginning of 2018, we felt that they had some opportunities. Their network wasn’t very stable, and they were a bit under-powered. Have they improved at all during the past few months?

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LiquidSky Answers Questions about the Future

LiquidSky recently hosted two Q&A sessions with their CEO on Twitch. They revealed many details about the future, and they showed off a new streaming client.

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LiquidSky Responds to Criticism over their latest Changes

Recently we revealed that LiquidSky is updating their pricing and subscription plans. Their new plans remove their popular Rollover feature and are more expensive. The Community responded with many concerns about these changes. LiquidSky recently addressed these concerns through their message board.

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Is LiquidSky Listening to their Community?

Recently we reported that LiquidSky is introducing a new pricing structure. Their new plans increase pricing across the board and remove features like SkyCredit Rollover. The LiquidSky Community has been quick to express their dissatisfaction with these changes.

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LiquidSky updates their Plans and Pricing

LiquidSky is a popular Cloud Gaming Service that is available on Windows and Android. They recently announced a complete re-work of their Plans and Pricing. These changes are based on feedback from the LiquidSky Community. Read on to learn how the new plans will work.

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LiquidSky is 10x better on 5G

In a recent article, we shared that Verizon is providing funding and 5G access to LiquidSky. The developers at LiquidSky recently made a formal announcement of this partnership on their blog. They also revealed the initial results from their experience with 5G.

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What is the Cheapest Cloud Gaming Service?

Cloud Gaming is an exciting new technology for Gamers. There are many companies that now offer Cloud Gaming Services. With that said, pricing can be all over the place. Which companies offer the cheapest Cloud Gaming services? Let’s find out!

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LiquidSky Receives Funding from Alley!

Alley (Verizon) recently launched a campaign to fund start-ups that will take advantage of 5G network technology. In a recent posting on Verizon’s website, it was revealed that LiquidSky was among a group of startups who received funding in December 2017.

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