You may soon be able to play Xbox Games on Nintendo Switch

This may sound like some sort of fantasy story, but in real life there is a chance that you’ll be able to stream Xbox Games to your Nintendo Switch. That’s right, signs point to a partnership between Nintendo and Microsoft that could result in Xbox content being released on the competing Nintendo Switch platform.

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Xbox Gaming becomes Multiplatform with xCloud

During E3 2018, Microsoft teased an upcoming multiplatform Cloud Gaming service. This week they officially announced Project xCloud. It leverages the power of Azure and promises to bring Xbox Gaming to many devices.

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Microsoft is working on a “Cloud” Xbox Console

During E3 2018, Phil Spencer stated that Microsoft is dedicated to bringing Cloud Gaming to many devices. It turns out that one of these devices is an Xbox. And this Xbox will be completely Cloud-powered.

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Console Developers tease Cloud Gaming at E3

E3 is known for it’s exciting reveals and announcements. During E3 2018, several companies revealed upcoming Cloud Gaming technologies. They are preparing to shift to a streaming future.

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