Parsec Adds Vibration Support for Controllers

Parsec recently updated the core of their Streaming App with new features and fixes. The most notable addition is support for Controller Vibration while streaming. While this may seem like a little thing, try playing without it (you’ll notice). Continue reading to learn about their other fixes and enhancements.

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Parsec now works in Google Chrome

Parsec is know for the performance of their Game Streaming App. They have a reputation for achieving extremely low latency. Normally this kind of performance requires using Parsec’s own App. That all changes today with the release of Parsec for Chrome. Now Gamers can enjoy Parsec without installing the Parsec App.

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Parsec Introduces Controller Support for their App

Parsec just released an overhauled App that allows users to opt into a Controller-friendly User Interface (UI). All Warp subscribers can begin testing the new Interface today.

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Parsec officially releases Party-Finder and Communities

Parsec wants Gaming to be a social experience. To this end, they’ve released the full version of their Party-Finder system to the public. Party-Finder allows you to connect with other Gamers to play virtually any Game online. Let’s take a deep-dive to see what it’s all about.

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Paperspace Updates Pricing for Cloud Gaming

Paperspace recently announced new pricing for their Cloud Systems. These changes will affect Cloud Gamers, and will apply to both the hourly rate and storage cost.  Continue reading “Paperspace Updates Pricing for Cloud Gaming”

Parsec and Shadow host AMA on Reddit

Parsec and Shadow recently opened their doors for an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit. Gamers responded with many questions, and both companies revealed details about what comes next for their Game Streaming technologies..

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How to Setup a Cheap Raspberry Pi for Cloud Gaming

Building a Raspberry Pi is one of the cheapest ways to start your Cloud Gaming journey. That’s right, a $40 device and a Cloud Gaming subscription are all that you need to enjoy Gaming at Ultra Quality. Continue reading to find out how to set it up!

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What is Cloud Gaming?

At Flickstiq, we talk a lot about Cloud Gaming. Heck, we are completely dedicated to Cloud Gaming. With that said, we get asked a lot about what Cloud Gaming actually is. Most Gamers are familiar with Traditional Gaming. How is Cloud Gaming different?

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Nvidia vs AMD: H.264 Compression Latency Comparison

Nvidia and AMD are long-time rivals for dominance in the Computer Gaming space. They both specialize in providing cutting-edge Graphics for the most demanding Games. They also play a vital role in powering your Game Streaming experience. Which one offers the lowest H.264 Compression Latency?

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Parsec Adds Party Finder and Dark Mode

At Parsec, playing with friends is important. They’ve become well-known for enabling Gamers to play offline games with their friends over the internet. This gets even easier today with the addition of the Party Finder.  Continue reading “Parsec Adds Party Finder and Dark Mode”