Rainway 1.0 Early 2019 Review

Rainway started as a beta back in January of 2018. Things were rough in the beginning and then slowly began to improve throughout the year. As of January of 2019, Rainway has ended their beta and launched their 1.0 version for computers. Were they ready to launch? Let’s take a look and find out!

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Top 5 Cloud Gaming related things coming in 2019

Now that the New Year’s festivities are over, it’s natural to wonder what comes next. This is especially true in the world of Cloud Gaming where many things are unknown. So let’s dig in and discuss the top 5 things that are coming for Cloud Gamers in 2019.

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How is Rainway at the end of 2018?

It’s been almost a year since Rainway started their open beta in January of 2018. Things were rocky in the beginning, but have steadily improved. They plan to exit beta in January of 2019. That’s right around the corner. So how is Rainway today?

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A New Rainway is Coming Soon

It’s been seven months since Rainway launched their beta. In that time they’ve improved and innovated. Today they are comfortable with their core technology, and it’s time for a makeover. An all new Rainway is coming soon.

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Rainway Raises $1.5 Million in Seed Money

Growth is important in most industries. It’s especially important when it comes to emerging technologies like Game Streaming. Without funding, most Game Streaming products will ultimately fail. That’s why it’s a big deal when a company like Rainway receives substantial Seed Money. So what does this mean for their future?

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Game Streaming saves thousands of players from Fortnite Virus

Thousands of Fortnite players contracted a virus and didn’t even know it. They accidentally installed a malicious software disguised as a “hack”. It quickly infected player’s computer systems. Thankfully some of these players were running Rainway.

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Rainway’s Andrew Sampson Awarded Thiel Fellowship

Rainway’s Andrew Sampson has been awarded a Thiel Fellowship. This Fellowship is provided as an alternative to a college that targets aspiring young entrepreneurs. It is a very competitive opportunity, and less than 1% of applicants are awarded each year.

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Rainway fixes League of Legends on Virtual Machines

Riot-Games new anti-cheat technology comes with an unfortunate side affect. It prevents users on virtual machines from playing League of Legends. Rainway looked into the matter and found a fix that will allow Linux Gamers to continue enjoying League of Legends.

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Rainway Octane Update Releases on 06/10/18

Rainway is preparing to release their biggest update since going live back in January. Their Octane Update is all about performance improvements and new technologies. Users can expect lowered latency, Cloud Server support, and browser optimizations.

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How’s Rainway doing after 100 Days?

Rainway has officially been available in open-beta for 100 days. A lot has changed during that time, and they hosted a Q&A on Reddit to talk to the Community. Find out what’s happening with Nintendo Switch Support, how they feel about the upcoming Steam Link App, and more!

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