Shadow’s Support Bot gets Hijacked by Hacker

Shadow recently announced that their Support Bot on Discord was hijacked and used maliciously against their server. The hacker used the Bot to ban random users and also change roles in some cases. All users have been directed to ignore any communication from the Bot for now.

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Shadow is releasing for iOS in the App Store

Shadow is preparing to release Shadow for iOS in the App Store. Their iOS App was previously only available to select testers. It’s about to become available to all Shadow subscribers, so is it any good?

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Shadow releases new Launcher and Features

Shadow has been busy behind the scenes lately. Today they are releasing a new Launcher as well as a few new features. This update is so big that Shadow has nicknamed it Galahad. Continue reading to learn about everything that has changed.

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Blade Announces Hive

Shadow’s Community is very important to them, and they are preparing to roll out some new Community-focused features. They’ll range from Party’s to capturing gameplay. Continue reading to learn what to expect in the near future.

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Shadow unveils 4K “Ghost” Streaming Box

The original Shadow Streaming Box is a thing of the past. Today they announced a brand new Streaming Box that they are calling Shadow Ghost. It promises to improve on it’s predecessor while shedding some weight. It could be everything that you need to enjoy Cloud Gaming.

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Shadow is offering increased Storage

A standard Shadow Cloud Gaming machine comes with 256 GB of Storage. It’s included with their $34 unlimited Cloud Gaming subscription. For many Gamers, this amount of Storage isn’t enough. Starting today, Shadow subscribers will have the option of upgrading to 1 TB of additional Storage. Continue reading to find out how much it will cost and when it will be available.

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A Weekend with Shadow

Shadow has officially launched their Cloud Gaming service on the US East Coast. They offer unlimited hours of Cloud Gaming for $34 per month. We spent the weekend testing Shadow, and it’s been an interesting experience. Do they live up to all of the hype? Continue reading to find out.

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Shadow is Expanding to the US East Coast on August 9th

We’ve heard rumors for a while, and it’s now official! Shadow is expanding their Cloud Gaming service to the United States East Coast. And it’s happening next week! Continue reading “Shadow is Expanding to the US East Coast on August 9th”

Parsec and Shadow host AMA on Reddit

Parsec and Shadow recently opened their doors for an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit. Gamers responded with many questions, and both companies revealed details about what comes next for their Game Streaming technologies..

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Shadow CPU and Storage Upgrades will Start Rolling out on June 1st!

Shadow is on the verge of implementing some impressive upgrades to their Cloud Gaming servers. These upgrades will start rolling out on June 1st, but we expect this to be a gradual release. Find out more after the break!

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