How to Stream Oculus Rift Games to Oculus Go

We recently showed you how to stream PC VR Games to an Oculus Go. In the first tutorial, we focused on streaming SteamVR Games. SteamVR covers many great VR titles, but others are exclusive to the Oculus Rift Store. In this guide, we will show you how to stream those to your Oculus Go as well.

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How to Setup VR Cloud Gaming

You no longer need to own a VR-ready Gaming PC to enjoy PC VR! It is completely possible to enjoy high quality PC VR Gaming with just a basic computer and an Oculus Go headset. VR Cloud Gaming makes it all possible. Continue reading to learn how to set it all up.

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How to Setup a Cheap Raspberry Pi for Cloud Gaming

Building a Raspberry Pi is one of the cheapest ways to start your Cloud Gaming journey. That’s right, a $40 device and a Cloud Gaming subscription are all that you need to enjoy Gaming at Ultra Quality. Continue reading to find out how to set it up!

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How to Setup a Cheap Low-Priority Microsoft Azure Server for Cloud Gaming

Microsoft offers a powerful option for Cloud Gamers with their Azure system. As nice as their system is, a standard server can be very expensive. In this article, we will teach you how to setup a Low-Priority server that can cost as much as 60% less than a standard server.

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How to Measure Input Latency for Cloud Gaming

Cloud Gaming has the potential to be the next big thing. However, many hold back from trying it because of Latency concerns. They worry that Cloud Gaming will add too much Input Latency to their experience. So how much Input Latency does Cloud Gaming really add to a Gaming Session? Continue reading “How to Measure Input Latency for Cloud Gaming”

Playing Fortnite on a Low-End PC

Battle Royale has taken the Gaming world by storm. It started with H1Z1, expanded with PUBG, and now we have Fortnite. You’ve seen it all over the news, and you’re probably wanting to try it for yourself. But what if your computer isn’t powerful enough to play it? We have good news, it is! Continue reading “Playing Fortnite on a Low-End PC”

Microsoft Azure Cloud Gaming Tutorial 2018

We are lucky to be among a special group of Gamers that get to experience the emergence of Cloud Gaming. Not only do we get to play games in the Cloud, but we have a lot of Cloud Services to choose from. Today we focus on Cloud Gaming through Microsoft’s Azure service. Continue reading “Microsoft Azure Cloud Gaming Tutorial 2018”

How to Enable In-Game Voice Chat on a Cloud Server

At Flickstiq, we are fans of Cloud Gaming. We like that Cloud Gaming frees you from financial side of Video Game Hardware. The freedom that Cloud Gaming provides can be very liberating, but not everything is perfect. Most Cloud Gaming Services don’t allow you to use your Microphone at home to chat with your friends in-game. Let’s fix that. Continue reading “How to Enable In-Game Voice Chat on a Cloud Server”

Cloud Gaming Sign Up Bonuses

Cloud Gaming is awesome, but it can also be expensive. At Flickstiq, we are often asked whether there are any free or discounted Cloud Services out there. While there aren’t any free Cloud Providers, you can definitely get a discount when you sign up for a new account. Continue reading “Cloud Gaming Sign Up Bonuses”

Video Tutorial: Setting up Rainway

Using Rainway is very easy, but setting it up can take some work. We want our readers to have an easy Game Streaming experience, so we’ve created a Tutorial Series to help you.  Continue reading “Video Tutorial: Setting up Rainway”