Vortex Partners with IBM Cloud

Vortex is popular for their rock bottom pricing, but they are also known for their glitchy streaming performance (especially on Windows). With this in mind, Vortex is expanding both their development team and their network. Today they are announcing a formal partnership with IBM Cloud. Will this partnership be enough to make them a go-to option for Cloud Gamers?

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Vortex Cloud Gaming Mid-2018 Review

We reviewed Vortex at the beginning of 2018, and it’s time to see if anything has changed. Have they improved their Computer Clients? Is the Android App still pretty good, or has it gotten worse?

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What is the Cheapest Cloud Gaming Service?

Cloud Gaming is an exciting new technology for Gamers. There are many companies that now offer Cloud Gaming Services. With that said, pricing can be all over the place. Which companies offer the cheapest Cloud Gaming services? Let’s find out!

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What is Cloud Gaming?

At Flickstiq, we talk a lot about Cloud Gaming. Heck, we are completely dedicated to Cloud Gaming. With that said, we get asked a lot about what Cloud Gaming actually is. Most Gamers are familiar with Traditional Gaming. How is Cloud Gaming different?

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Vortex Cloud Gaming Early 2018 Review

Vortex is a Cloud Gaming Service from the makers of Remotr. They offer 100 Hours of Gaming for $9.99 per month. Vortex’s approach is very similar to what Nvidia is doing with GeForce Now. They offer a large library of games that are a mixture of free and paid titles. So how does Vortex actually perform? Continue reading “Vortex Cloud Gaming Early 2018 Review”